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We start courses for students from the age of 3 and there is no upper age limit.

We always evaluate your knowledge, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your needs and the purpose for which you have chosen to learn English. Then, we offer several options and together we agree on the one that suits you best.

Yes, we do offer courses for beginners regardless of age. Our youngest groups start at the age of 3, where through play and interaction, students have a fun start to English language learning. After 3 years with us they are ready to progress to taking Cambridge English Exams.

Our year 1 classes for beginners aged 6-9 are also very popular, with students progressing to taking Cambridge English Exams in Year 2.

There is great demand for our adult beginner courses, where depending on your personal needs and schedule, we can offer a course tailor made to help you fulfil your goals.

The Sheridan staff consists of well qualified and experienced teachers, who have been working as a team for years.  The Sheridan has got an excellent reputation, due not only to our excellent exam results, but also due to the good relationship between teachers and students. (LINK TO PROFILES)

Due to the popularity of our courses, we would advise anyone interested to call us and book an appointment early in the school year. We do however accept new students throughout the academic year, including during the summer.

At the Sheridan we offer Cambridge English Language Exams, and also the IELTS.

Starting with the Young Learner Exams, we have Starters at Pre-A1 level, followed by Movers at A1 level and lastly Flyers at A2 level.

Following the Young Learner Exams, our students are then introduced to the Cambridge Upper Main Suite, which consists of 5 different levels. Starting with the Key for Schools exam at A2 level and then the Preliminary English Test, which is a level B1 exam. The next step finds our students at B2 level, where they take the First Certificate in English, followed by the Certificate in Advanced English Exam C1 level. Finally, there is the Certificate of Proficiency in English, which is a C2 level exam and the highest offered by Cambridge.

Students have also got the opportunity to prepare for the IGCSE exams (English as a Second Language). Lastly, together with PeopleCert Greece, the Sheridan Language Centre also offers the IELTS test island wide, bringing the world’s most popular English language test to Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia.

It is our school policy to keep the groups small at all times, as it ensures that each student receives the attention and support required. Many years of experience have proven that this leads to better performance, increased confidence and success.

Depending on the level, the age group, and also the curriculum that needs to be covered at every level, the hours vary. From the age of 3 until the A2 level KEY exam the students come in for one-hour lessons twice a week. Once our students reach the B1 level, and start preparing for all the other Cambridge Upper Main Suite exams, the lessons are one and a half hours, twice a week.

Regarding private lessons as well as adult classes, the number of hours varies, depending on the groups and their needs and schedules.

You will be given a placement test and evaluated by our staff to ensure you start classes at the appropriate level.

At the Sheridan we offer standard courses for students of all levels who are interested in taking exams.

We also offer courses, where we guide you through a more customised curriculum, tailoring everything to your needs to make sure you reach the goals you have set, whether it involves learning English for business, travel or fun!

Regardless of the course you choose, all our levels are built around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs, your level of English and your individual requirements. Then based on the course we agree on, we will then be able to quote a price for you.

There is no obligation for any of our students to take an external exam at the end of the year, if they do not wish to do so. If that is the case, we can arrange for a progress test set by the school, where the students complete a test which includes all four skills, similar to the exam. Once the test is marked, the student obtains a certificate from the Sheridan.

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