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These courses are designed to introduce primary and lower-secondary pupils to everyday written and spoken English. Through a variety of interactive and engaging activities, based on innovative teaching approaches and pedagogy, considering pupils’ cognitive as well as first language development, our Young Learner classes aim to foster the development of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills, enabling students to use English at a basic level.

At Sheridan we bring learning to life: covering topics that children are familiar with, building their confidence and improving their English step-by-step.

Our exciting and engaging young learner classes are designed to form a bridge, to take children learning English as a Second Language from Beginner to Basic User level (A2).

The following overview summarises language items and skills children will acquire in their initial years at Sheridan.

Pupils joining our Junior (beginner) classes will be exposed to the English alphabet, letters and sounds, numbers, colours, classroom vocabulary, question words, days of the week, singular and plural forms, articles, as well as the present simple and the present continuous tenses. The objective of our Junior classes is to introduce young learners to the fun side of English language learning, and to provide them with the necessary language and skills enabling them to communicate in English on familiar topics.

Our Starters courses are aimed at developing pupils’ Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, ensuring a natural and steady progression in terms of English language learning.  Children joining our Starters classes learn to follow simple spoken and written instructions. They learn to read and comprehend simple sentences, short texts, stories and conversations. Furthermore, pupils learn to talk about familiar objects and people, such as their family, home, animals and school. This course helps children expand their Vocabulary, as well as knowledge of Grammar.

Our Movers courses are designed to help children expand their linguistic knowledge and advance further in their language learning. Throughout the course children learn to understand simple spoken dialogues, to express agreement and disagreement using short, simple phrases and to respond to questions with short sentences. Moreover, pupils learn to give simple descriptions of objects, pictures and actions, as well as to ask simple questions about habits and preferences.

Our Flyers courses ensure that children are well equipped and mature enough to handle everyday written and spoken English at a Basic level. Pupils joining our Flyers classes learn to write simple descriptions of objects, pictures and actions as well as short, simple stories using pictures and/or their imagination. Additionally, students learn to ask basic questions about everyday topics, they learn to talk about both past and present activities, as well as understand different kinds of short texts.